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Month: November 2011

Duke of Lancaster – A Shipwreck in Wales

The Duke of Lancaster is or was a railway steamer passenger ship operating in Europe from 1956 to 1979. The wreck is currently beached near Mostyn Docks, on the River Dee, north-east Wales after service. The ship (wiki) was sold to a Liverpool based company and was brought into a permanent dock and renamed “The Fun Ship”. Its use as “The Fun Ship” was relatively short-lived and it was subsequently closed to the public and over time it has become increasingly derelict. The ship was later used as a warehouse today it is abandoned and its future use is...

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Conservation Area – Keep out!

The sign should speak for itself. I liked how this red wildlife conservation sign stand out compared with the landscape and the natural colored fence. I’ve even further emphasized on the red sign by desaturated the surroundings. Captured with the Canon 5D Mark II and the Canon 24-105mm f/4 zoom lens – editing in Adobe Lightroom....

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Point of Ayr Lighthouse

Image of a the Point of Ayr Lighthouse from Wales, UK. On the way south through England we decided to drive through Wales to have a look at what interesting photo opportunities Wales have. We came to this nice beach where the Point of Ayr Lighthouse is still standing today after many years of service. It’s now nearly completely abandoned and only serve as a fix point and a great object for photographers. During high tide the water surrounds the lighthouse but during low tide you can walk out next to the tower if you want. The photo of...

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