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Month: August 2012

Durdle door – a Spectacular Place

The image of Durdle door will take us back on the Jurassic Coast to a very spectacular place in a spectacular light. The image is a colourful one of the Jurassic coast taken just when the sun were setting and painting the sky and the white cliffs pink. The rock from this place form a natural limestone arch on this privately owned estate in Dorset, England. The area around Durdle door is an amazing place but erosion is taking its toll so having been there and experienced this place is really a treat. I hope you like the image – keep in touch with the facebook link...

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WordPress for Photography – Speed up WordPress for Imagery

YES! I optimised WordPress for photography. Here is my guide to get a fast WordPress site to showcase your photography and creative work. How to Speed up and maintain WordPress for Photography. This is the story about how I have moved away from shared hosting and optimised my WordPress installation to get a fast responsive portfolio site. For a long time I have been hosted on the shared hosting at (mt) but as I got more sites and they got more popular the shared service started give me some downtime. The obvious solution would be to add a dedicate...

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