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Month: October 2012

Washed up Jellyfish – Danish Beach

Found this washed up jellyfish on the beach last week and thought it would be great for an image of this beach along the Danish west coast. The coastline is some of the of most beautiful and wild nature in Denmark. Jellyfish This place is mostly sand and if you are here out of season you can drive for kilometers without meeting another car and you will most likely see few people. It can be tricky with all the sand and when you feel you are on your own you have to take care not to get stuck 🙂 Well, it...

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Danish Autumn Forest – The Beautiful Fall in Denmark

Have you enjoyed a walk in the Danish autumn forest? it’s great! I’ve been so lucky to be in Denmark this fall – it been years since I had the chance to walk around in the beautiful leaves. The photo above was captured at the beautiful Lake Hald near Viborg. I only had the Canon 5D Mark II and the Canon 50mm f/1.8 lens with me on the walk around the forest. Using a low aperture I manages to get this nicely shot of the forest. I like how the green and yellow leaves on the tree frame the...

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Red Cuillin – Isle of Skye

Still inspired by the Snow white and the Huntsman I wanted to post an image of the Red Cuillin from Isle of Skye. I’ve visited these mountains so many times and now know it will take some time before I can venture out through Glen Sligachan and be amazed with the magnificent nature. We had a few stop-overs here this year and despite weird weather we managed to get some great images to remember to red and black cuillin. This image was captures on a walk in along the glen and though it might be regarded a boring walk you...

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Colourful Scottish Fishing boats

I love these colourful Scottish fishing boats in the small harbour on this beautiful and quiet day. The red fishing boats are in the small harbour of Crail which is found on the norther coast of Firth of Forth. Im fascinated by these small harbours and the life around the boats in the morning and evening. Also the dynamics of tides and seasons play a big role in the life of fishermen in this part of the world. Luckily the weather was calm so I could use a slow shutter speed to capture the gentle light without the boats moving too much. In this image...

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Small Scottish Harbour – Tranquility Harbour

The small Scottish harbour of Crail is located on the north coast of Firth of Forth. The image show the creels in the foreground and the fishing boats in the background. Take out the smell of rotten fish and this harbour is so romantic and tranquil that you fell you have stepped into an old english movie from last century. The village of Crail is a perfect place to escape the fast and busy life of Edinburgh or Glasgow. The harbour is busy in the season but the rest of the year the town is quiet and offer peace...

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