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Month: November 2012

End of Season – Brighton Beach

From Brighton beach I have put together three images that should go as a set. End of Season: the Stacked Sun Loungers, the Litter Box and the Deck chairs. Brighton is a vibrant, colourful and creative city but if you arrive on a rainy afternoon in September you are in for a much more atmospheric and calm experience. This is my favourite mood and time to get into the soul of a city like this. You will be able to cut through the clutter and see what is really the important objects here. Stacked Sun Loungers The well used...

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Two Chairs at Brighton Beach

Photo of two chairs at Brighton beach. At the beach in Brighton many already wait for summer and the busyness of the beach, promenade and Brighton Pier. In the end of our long UK tour we had the pleasure to visit Brighton. After a long walk along the beach we headed up in town for a delicious dinner at Food for Friends. This restaurant is Brighton’s original vegetarian restaurant nestled beautiful in the heart of the city amongst the beautiful historic lanes. This was really FIVE stars vegetarian food and the service was splendid. This was our last meal...

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Beach Huts – Late Summer at Blokhus, Denmark

Photo of the beach huts at Blokhus in Denmark from late summer. The beach around Blokhus in Denmark is one of my favourite places in Denmark. I like the mood in this image. It’s meant to show how used the beach is after a long summer with guest from all over Europe. Thousands have walked on the sand and the huts have been occupied every weekend for many weeks. I also like these small white huts and how they are decorated to ad individuality and make the best environment for the owners. In the back you can see the...

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Autumn Grass

The Autumn Grass is swaying in the wind – the autumn sun is setting behing the pine forest adding a strong dark background to the golden grass in a Danish forest in the North. I love these long walks in the danish forest with the colours of late fall – the colourful leaves and the golden grass all to our selves. I have spent many days in these forest’s when I was younger and hope a move back to Denmark will give me the time to really photograph the nature of Denmark. So many places I have to go…...

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German Bunkers at the Danish West coast

A visit to the old German Bunkers at the Danish West coast. Along the Danish West coast there are many of these German Bunkers spread along sandy beaches. We visited this place near Løkken to explore the area and figure out how many and how we could use the bunkers in a photo project. I like this sunset image of one of the bunkers buried in the sand. German bunkers The history of these German bunkers are not in the pretty spectre but today I really like how they are scattered on the beach to give protection to the...

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