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Month: December 2012

Late colors of Rose hip

Late colors of Rose hip: It’s early morning and the weather is rather dull so on the way to the beach in Blokhus I notice how vividly the Rose hips are coloured and this is today’s photo.

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Storm at the Danish west coast

Another image of a storm at the Danish west coast. I love to see how the power of nature can remove the beach and sweep all the way up to the beach huts at the Danish west coast.

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Danish beach houses in a storm

This photo of the small Danish beach houses at the west coast of Denmark is one of my favourite images from this part of Denmark. I just sold a great copy for a large print through Foto Factory! You can get one too.

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Black & White Sea

Black & White photo of the North Sea on a nice and windy day. The wind is strong and the clouds are flying fast over the head of people, the waves are big and the current is strong. What a nice day to be at the sea!

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