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Month: May 2013

Metro Berlin

Metro Berlin is an image from one of my days in Berlin. I waited for the moment to get a shot of the yellow metro.

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Tumblr to WordPress

With the rumoured takeover of Tumblr by Yahoo many might speculate about the future of Tumbler. Take it in your own hands and import your Tumblr blog into a WordPress blog. I was just reading that here that Yahoo will buy Tumblr by the sum of $1.1bn. Tumblr was founded in 2007 and today, there are about 110m blogs on the site. Do you think that sucks and dont want your Tumblr blog to be handled by Yahoo you can easily just move all you stuff to WordPress. First of all you need to find a web host for...

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WordPress & Photography

WordPress & Photography is an article on how to turn Wordpress into a publishing platform for photographers to showcase their photography on WordPress.

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They have always amazed me. The bumblebees! As a kid i was amazed that these big insects could even fly and there buzzing sound in the flowers all summer.

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