Martin Bay

Martin Bay is a Danish photographer and co-founder of Foto Factory & Nordic Appeal. After years in Scotland & England he moved to Copenhagen to setup a base for his photography and design business.

He will share his best images and photographic tricks to showcase the beauty and authenticity of the world.

He love walking with his camera, travel and otherwise just shoot as much as he can. Whether it is with his Canon 5Ds and Canon’s 35mm f / 2.0 IS or the iPhone means nothing when it comes to learn and improve!


More about me

I have founded Foto Factory to commercialise my photography and together with my partner we work to decorate corporate sectors with fine art photography. Foto Factory will be the main place for selling images to commercial and private customers and a big playground.

Finally I work on a design project. At Nordic Appeal we want to create ergonomic solutions for the modern mobile workspace. Today many people work in different places not exactly meant to be an eight hour workplace so having the right set-up will prevent neck pain and other injuries. I travel a lot so the work to create an ergonomically and environmental sustainable solution for the mobil office really make this project worthwhile. Go have a look: — Nordic Appeal’s shop.

Most of my images are captured with the full frame Canon 5D Mark II and various lenses from the Canon system. The post-production of the RAW images is done on an Mac Pro using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop. If you want to know why this page load fast you can read about the server and website setup you can read how I have optimised WordPress to showcase my photography.

If you find any images you would like to use or show in higher resolution you are very welcome to get in contact and I will do my best to fulfil your needs.


Martin Bay