Sunset Image

One of the few sunset Shetland images we could get on our stay on the Shetland Islands. It’s captured on the most northerly inhabited islands of Britain – Unst! We had been covered in mist further down on Shetland and really hadn’t got any photos for days and got so frustrated┬áthat we drove up north and via two ferries arrived in great weather on Unst in the evening – what a splendid place!

We really loved Unst and we arrived at the most beautiful place in the evening just perfect for wild camping. I went to the beach in the evening and beside some fresh air I managed to get some sunset images of the place before we could get some sleep. It can be quite tiresome to work and take images so far north – the sun gets up very early and only sets after bed time – but the good part is that you have plenty of time to rest during the day and have dinner before heading out in the evening.

Martin Bay