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The Canon 5D Mark II really stands for quality and flexibility – excellent for land- and cityscape and for macro photography.

Canon 5D Mark II

The Canon 5D Mark II is my primary camera and was the camera that made me switch from Nikon (D300) to the Canon system. It appealed to me because of the advantage of the full-frame sensor. The full-frame sensor and high mega-pixel count gives the camera excellent low light performance and the ability to produce images for large prints.

The camera was not the only think that made me switch from Nikon to Canon, the main reason was the lenses. I was in love with Canon’s 16-35mm f/2.8L lens and Nikon really didn’t have an equivalent for a long time, and then Nikon released the Nikkor 14-24mm f/2.8G ED lens with very limited ability to use filter. This was the drop. I use filters for most of my photographs often I use a UV-filter but really depend on graduated filters and neutral density filters.

Now I a Canon user and have geared up with the Canon 5D Mark II and a bag full of lenses and a bunch of other stuff for the Canon system. Check out my camera gear.

Personally I think the camera is really excellent for land- and cityscape and for macro photography. So far I have had this camera on several trips around the globe with no problems what so ever.

Image of Ice on sande beach

The image above was captured in Blokhus during winter with the Canon 5D Mark II together with the Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L lens. I used slow shutter speed from a low angle to get the desired images. For more images of the Canon 5D Mark II have a look at these vintage images from a trip in a VW camper van.

Have a look on this site for a more in-depth review of the Canon 5D Mark II.

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Martin Bay

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