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Image of Green VW Beetle

Image of a classic green VW beetle with roof rack packed with suitcases – ready for a classic holiday. This is exactly what I’m doing right now: Holiday in our Camper van next to dunes, white sand and the sea. We already had a swim yesterday but will get in the water soon again.

It’s a lovely morning in Denmark and we’re having coffee and enjoying a quiet Thursday morning next to the sea. The only sounds are birds and a barkin dog in the background – once in a while you will hear a car driving by and – it’s nice to be a bit away from the buzzing roads for some weeks. Yes, weeks we have planned for some time now to move back to Denmark where we want to set up a business and try to create a more permanent base for the future.

We will not forget UK and have already plans to get back in the future and we will also have to show our kids this amazing country only hours away. The far island Shetland and the Outer Hebrides, the Highlands, the coast of Wales, the mountains, the seasides of Cornwall and South England and small cosy town of Devon and Dorset!

Going back to Denmark will locate os in the middle of the nordic countries and closer to rest of Europe which will bring us back to our roots and make room for some new adventures.

Well this is just a short update… If you are the owner of the green VW beetle let me know of the details or if you are interested in a print or a free wallpaper?

Enjoy the summer

Martin Bay

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