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They have always amazed me. The bumblebees! As a kid i was amazed that these big insects could even fly and there buzzing sound in the flowers all summer.

Image of Bumble Bee

Here in the early summer the bumblebees are very busy flying around finding fook and a place to build a nest for the summer. It’s some of the first insects to really show in early summer/spring the heavy queens bussing slowly along the patio in search for a new place to stay.

Soon the bumblebees will be in the plowers in the tree just outside our kitchen window to collect pollen and nectar from for the nest. The bumblebees have an interesting life cycle which you can read bout on wikipedia of cause!

I captured the photo with the with the 180mm f/3.5 Macro lens using only natural light I love the warm background and the fined details in the flower and  bee.

I hope you like it.

Martin Bay


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