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The most classic VW campervan must be the split screen camper. It’s called split screen because of the front window split.

retro image of vw campervan

We had a great opportunity to get lots of images of these VW campers during the V-Dub Island on Isle of Wight. We found a good location to get some images of the Volkswagen rally around the island in the morning – we found a nice place with white cliffs and the sea in the background. Even though I spent a good deal of time editing the image in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom, the most difficult task was to capture some sharp RAW images in the camera.

I tried different angles and used different techniques to get sharp images. I used the large mega-pixel in the Canon 5D Mark II to be able to crop and level the images and still have good resolution for prints and art work.

If you know the owner of the van or are the owner you are welcome to get in contact to get a wallpaper for you computer. I would also be happy if you can add more info about the van or just want to ask a questions in the comments below.

Martin Bay

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