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Autumn Danish Forest

Have you enjoyed a walk in the Danish autumn forest? it’s great! I’ve been so lucky to be in Denmark this fall – it been years since I had the chance to walk around in the beautiful leaves.

The photo above was captured at the beautiful Lake Hald near Viborg. I only had the Canon 5D Mark II and the Canon 50mm f/1.8 lens with me on the walk around the forest. Using a low aperture I manages to get this nicely shot of the forest. I like how the green and yellow leaves on the tree frame the orange forest floor with the green background.

Sometimes you have to walk around the forest for a long time before finally getting the image you have vanted and sometimes you just find yourself on the right spot. Being in Denmark is a bit awkward and  i really have to find my own pace and spirit here to get into the photo-mood and re-find my style.

I’ve been so used to Great Britain with it magnificent coastlines and mountains. Denmark is different – a lot! It is almost flat and have more forest, some really nice beaches and marches. It have much more but it is in a much smaller scale so I have to get used to this in the future – a challenge and a state of mind.

Martin Bay

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