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Stackpole Head

I believe that most images from photographers are manipulated in one way or another – some photographers claim this is done to make the image look more natural others simply to make a bigger impact.

I’m not different I always carefully edit my images after the image have been captured in the camera. Some use more time editing that getting the shot in the camera – I try and use as little time as possible and therefore try to make sure the images is very close to the final result when it is recorded in the camera.

This also mean that I use time to prepare and time to get the setup right to do the actually shot. My philosophy is that something have to be captured on the location to look natural and you should only edit what the camera are not able to record of technical reasons!

The above image from Stackpole Head on the Welsh coast line is captured in the morning shooting against the sun which makes hard contrasts and some gentle light rays through the skies. I really like how the cliffs are dark contrasts to the reflections on the ocean.

I hope you like the image and think I done a good job to create a natural light image!

Martin Bay

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