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Rice fields as far as the eyes can see. The only noise is birds and frogs trying to get attention from the opposite sex.

Miniature Rice Fields

Ah, I nearly forgot the bugger of a Chinese woman insisting to help carrying my 8 kilos of photo gear – as a gentleman I politely refuse and try to wave her away… first politely then rude and sneaky. She have tried it all before so we have to put up with her trying to explain that the green on the rice fields are in fact – rice – uh big surprise. We also have to listen to her talking in her bloody mobile phone – and hold back a “shut the f*** up and leave us alone”. Most fun was when Maria and I went separate ways on the path and she ran between us trying to get us together on the same track.

Getting to her village and after politely rejecting her kind offer to join her for some “mi fan” (rice) … 10 times she finally disappears.

The village is dirty and smelled horrible but worst was the many dumps of glass bottles, plastic bags and other waste. But in that sense it’s very authentic – no cleaning up for the tourists and no welcome-comity of girls trying to sell snacks or flowers – just dirty and quite. We find one of the two small shops in the village and get on further to Dazai.

The image on top show the nice rice terraces – the green forest in the back grounds. It’s beautiful and I hope I have captured some of that in the photograph. I have darkened the skies and made the landscape miniature with hokus pokus filters in Adobe Lightroom.

Martin Bay

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