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The classic Volkswagen camper must be the ultimate icon of a holiday car. I used a few days around the v-dub festival to capture some of these amazing vehicles. Here is a compilation of the Volkswagen retro campers.

VW Camper in Motion

The Volkswagen Type 2 camper must be the most classic camper ever made. We were sold on a short holiday in the Scottish highlands in a 1978 classic red Volkswagen. It took time to learn the gears and adjust your body to steer and drive such a basic car but it was simply built for driving on the small scottish roads. No speeding is needed you just need to drive slowly to take in the scenery and beautiful mountains.

With no mechanic skills and the need for a more modern camper for winter camping in Scotland we opted for a more modern Mazda Bongo but we always smile when we see a good old VW camper. Every year there is a V-Dub festival with many beautiful vans so it was a great pleasure to be at the festival and enjoy the cars. It was not only campers but also a good deal of beetles. We used two full days getting images of the cars here is some of the photos.

Please enjoy and add comments.

Martin Bay

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