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Image of Winding Roads

We are still on the move along winding roads in northern Scotland. We have camped in Durness the last two days and are about to get out on the winding roads soon again. Where they will take is not yet clear nor how long we will be traveling before making a more permanent stop to create a home for us and our business.

There are so many different possibilities and many seems very tempting but we have to choose and select just a few. Foto Factory will surely continue and our design business – Nordic Appeal will soon go into a new stage and become public so we can show you our products.

Anyway I just wanted to post an images from our travels and give you and update so you know we are still alive and roaming around UK. The last few days have, as mentioned been enjoyed in the surroundings of Durness and we have been regular visitors at Cocoa Mountain drinking delicious chocolate!

Martin Bay


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