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Edmondston's chickweed

The Edmondston chickweed (Ceratium nigrescens) also know as Shetland mouse-ear is only found on the serpentine debris on Unst, Shetland. The flower is the rarest of britains plane species discovered in 1837 by the 12 year old Thomas Edmondston.

The plant was photographed at the Keen of Hamar national nature reserve on Shetland Isles. I used the Canon 5D Mark II and the 180mm f/3.5 macro lenson the Gitzo tripod. We spent a few hours to find a plant with flowers and did not see any other specimens with flowers.

If you plan to visit this interesting place your should remember to:

  • Leave dogs behind as they are likely to disturb the fragile habitat.
  • Not to leave litter. It can kill or harm animals.
  • Not to take plants or animals, only photos.
  • Not to disturb nesting birds.

Well lots of other rare plant species grow here and I will post a few more images from here in the future.

Martin Bay

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