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Image of fulmar

The wind is blowing again and the birds are cruising along the coast line, the mist is gone and its time for some photography. The image is of a Fulmar (Fulmarus) on the west coast of Shetland captured with the Canon 5D Mark II with the Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 IS on a misty and windy day. I’ve converted the image to black & white in Lightroom to put focus on the textures and shapes of the wings and feathers.

It’s amazing how many seabirds that nest on Shetland’s coast – I’ve seen my first puffins in the wild and have no count of how many species seen but I’ve seen many new species the few days we have been here. Im not that enthusiastic with birds and bird photography but I love looking at the elegance of birds in the air and their funny behaviour.

I hope you like it!

Martin Bay

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