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Test the Rest by Birgit Kinder

Test the Rest – East side Gallery in Berlin. It’s interesting to see the evolution of artwork but also sad to see how a great piece of art can be demolished by tags and graffiti. The East side Gallery is a good example of how artwork over time get pested by tags and therefore needs to be re-created. Birgit Kinder have redone the artwork several times – an elaborate process: See the recreation of Test the Rest.

Below is a step of getting to the final image. The process involves the combining of two images from the Canon 5D Mark II to get more resolution to work with.

Stitching Test the Rest

I combined the images in Adobe Photoshop CS5 with the automated tool, cropped the image and used a lot of the “Clone Stamp Tool” before some final refinements in Adobe Lightroom 3.

As a bonus and a “thank you for sharing” I have included a large wallpaper of the artwork. I hope this is ok with Birgit Kinder. It’s a widescreen wallpaper so please let me know if you would like another size or want a full resolution photograph.


The original artwork is created by Birgit Kinder you should check out her webpage here:


Martin Bay

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