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Black & White New Forest Ponies

Beach huts at Blokhus, Denmark

Black and white version of the beach huts at Blokhus beach. Usually you will see images of the huts and the beach in sun and a blue skye but I prefer to more dramatic nature of this place. I like the dramatic feel in this image and have converted the photo to black...
Black & White New Forest Ponies

Black & White Sea

Black & White photo of the North Sea on a nice and windy day. The wind is strong and the clouds are flying fast over the head of people, the waves are big and the current is strong. What a nice day to be at the sea!

Black & White New Forest Ponies

Winter in Denmark – Cold Sea

The sea is frozen and it’s winter in Denmark. The beach that used to be filled with people in bathing suits is now empty the sun is setting and most of the sandy beach is covered with thick ice.